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Casual Running Errands #OOTD

Ever in need of a cute but casual running errands outfit? Because I know that even though I’m out grocery shopping or at hair appointment  I want to look put together but at the same time comfortable as if I tried but really it only took me a few minutes.

One clothing piece that is one of my to-go’s is either a pair of black jeans or leggings. Black jeans and leggings really honestly go with anything whether you are trying to look classy or casual they are perfect for an “everyday” outfit.

As well as sneakers whether that is converse, vans, nikes, etc they are essential in the running errands outfit because they are easy to style and quick to put on and before you know it you’re out the door looking all STYLISH and CUTE!!

Today it was a fairly cold day in Los Angeles so I decided to skip the leggings and decided to go with black jeans, a mauve knit sweater, and a pair of Old Skool vans ( my favorite). Honestly, I could’ve gone out with a pair of boots, since it was a cold day, but wanted to keep the casual running errands look and grabbed my sneakers.

For this outfit, I decided to not accessorize it with anything (mostly because I was running late) but if you want to go an extra mile a black baseball hat would look quite adorable as well a simple delicate necklace. And just like that, you have a quick but very simple running errands outfit that will keep you looking cute and comfortable(and warm) all day long!!

Now that you got your outfit ready, go and check out my 15-minute makeup or less to get you out the door much quicker. Have a good running errands day cuties. SEE Y’ALL !!!!

(I could not find the exact same knit sweater that I am wearing, but I found one similar from the same store and at the same price, its still just as adorable so check it out link down below.)

Black Pants

Similar Knit Sweater

Old Skool Vans

quick and easy running errands outfit

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