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MY TOP 5 E.L.F PRODUCTS - Birdcage Beauty


  1. The e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer is an amazing one for an everyday kind of look. It gives off a great coverage on the first layer but if you have dark eye circles like me then you’ll need to add a few more layers of concealer to get a medium to full coverage effect. One of the amazing facts of this concealer is that it claims to be lightweight which it totally is because it honestly feels like you have no makeup under your eyes which is AWESOME!!!! It is a great concealer for all skin types and it keeps my dark under eye nice and covered. The only downside to this concealer is the limited shades they have but I found that the shade in Light works fairly okay for me. But the best part is it’s ONLY $3 …… SAY WHAT?!?!….yup you heard right, so if you haven’t tried this  go out and  get your hand on this amazing drugstore concealer.
  2. For any of y’all that like to have an everyday light coverage on the skin then this one is for you! This is an amazing little gem I have discovered that work nicely with my oily skin. The problem with this one is once applied it leaves the skin looking and feeling a lot dewy, but what I found that works for me is adding powder on top and just like that got yourself a matte look. But for my dry skin cuties that like a dewy natural coverage then look no further as this one will work great for you. It gives me about 8 hours wear before looking like an oily mess which is pretty great for a $6 BB Cream and that is why it’s one of my to-go’s.
  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS HIGHLIGHTER!!!! It’s honestly amazing for the price and the quality there is no looking back. It gives just the perfect glow so for anyone that is on a budget but loves a blinding highlighter will love this. Instead of going out and spending a bunch of money on a high-end highlighter go to your local drugstore and purchase this one. I would recommend scraping off the first layer of the highlighter because the second layer will give better pay off on your application brush. But there is no denying this is one AWESOME  highlighter!
  4. This is one of my top favorite e.l.f products because of how inexpensive and perfect this clear mascara works for my eyebrows. I don’t use this clear mascara on my eyelashes, but it does wonders for my eyebrows as it keeps them in place all day long. I use my Anastasia Dipbrow pomade for my eyebrows and then set them with this clear mascara and I’m telling you this combination keeps my eyebrows looking on point all day and night long. I refuse to pay more money for a clear mascara when I can pick up this one at my local drugstore for only $2 and it is INCREDIBLE.
  5. My fifth top e.l.f product is this combo with the daily face wash and exfoliating scrub. On an everyday basis, I love to wash my face day and night with a light cleanser and not anything too heavy for my skin. That is why I use the e.l.f daily face cleanser because it is lightweight enough for daily use, but it still keeps my skin feeling clean and fresh. The exfoliating scrub I use about twice a week for a deeper clean. Overall the kit is an everyday use for me and it works great with my oily skin. So if you’re in need of an everyday lightweight cleanser then I say give this kit a try as it will keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturized all day long. The price for this kit is only $9 which is why you NEED to try it plus……e.l.f doesn’t test on animals and are vegan (YAY)!!!!

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