Hello, my name is Sam. First and foremost thank you so much for stopping by and checking out by blog post. For years now my passion and love have been for makeup and fashion. It all started when I discovered the world that is Youtube back in 2011 and the first video I ever watched was a ” Get ready with me” and I absolutely feel in love with makeup and fashion everything. At the time I was about 12 years old and I remember going to the store and walking through the aisles and found what was going to be my first ever makeup buy which was a (drum roll!!!!!) clear mascara. I know not all that exciting but I remember the very next morning applying the clear mascara to my eyelashes and going to school feeling like a BOSS. Funny to think about it now and how far I’ve come to know about makeup and fashion but that was my first memory of falling in love with beauty.

Im 18 years old now and I was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles. I have many passions of which include makeup and fashion (ofcourse), animals, reading, choosing happy, eating healthy, and living the best life I can. I have 2 adorable cats and 3 awesome betta fish of which I love so very dearly. I live a vegetarian life style and choose cruelty-free products because I believe there is no need to harm animals to make one amazing product.With my blog I aim to share all things beauty and fashion to others so that they can get some inspiration on what to write down on their “Have to Buy Next List”. I will also randomly share some lifestyles post such as book reviews, adventure posts, or a inspirational post to show my other passions and hobbies to my fellow readers.

So go grab a cup of tea (chamomile tea is my favorite) and a notebook/pen and get ready to write a list of everything you’ll need to buy on your next shopping trip.